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High On Ohio is a series of brief interviews with Ohioans who are charting the course to the future.  It features a sampling of the many whose vision, creativity, business smarts, civic engagement, and leadership make Ohio such a diverse, vital, and great place to live. High On Ohio aims to inform and inspire through the words of  people who make Ohio home - by sharing good news and ideas, and identifying and acknowledging excellence that is all around us.

This month: Adult Protective Services

High On Ohio IntroOpportunity Exists: Elder Abuse Services at a Crossroad
In Ohio, 90,000 to 115,000 seniors living in the community were abused, neglected, or exploited, according to the most recent Family Violence in Ohio: Statewide Assessment Report (data from 2010).  Many incidences go unreported, which makes the problem even harder to address. Ohio’s Adult Protective Services program is a fractured system with a history of roller coaster funding and no real leadership.  However, opportunity for improvement exists through the state’s new APS Workgroup and $10 million appropriation. 

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