Adolescent Reproductive Health Education

Community Solutions supports access for adolescents and young adults to medically accurate, age, and culturally appropriate reproductive health education.

Advocates for Youth – Ohio Youth Leadership Council
The Ohio Youth Leadership Council is a statewide group of diverse youth and young adults (ages 15–24) working to influence policies and programs that support sexual health. This group promotes evidence-based comprehensive sexuality education; sexual and reproductive rights; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality; and other youth related sexual health policies in Ohio schools, campuses, and communities through organizing and advocacy efforts. Want more information on how to get involved or know a passionate young person who wants to make a difference? Sign the pledge here:

Collaborative for Comprehensive School Aged Health
The Collaborative for Comprehensive School-Age Health (the Collaborative) is a network of more than 25 public and private partners in Greater Cleveland working to promote access for adolescents and young adults to medically accurate, age and culturally appropriate reproductive health education. The Collaborative is convened in partnership with the George Gund Foundation and provides a venue for strategic public policy education and activism, professional development, and community technical assistance in its pursuit of greater access to evidence-based comprehensive sexuality education for children and youth in northeast Ohio and beyond.

Better Birth Control NEO
Better Birth Control NEO is a public/private partnership to improve knowledge of and access to the most effective methods of birth control – IUDs and the implant – among women in Northeast Ohio. The project has included extensive clinic-level training, marketing and evaluation; we also seek to change state and local policies and systems that present barriers to access for women.

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