Safety, Health, and Economic Wellbeing of Older Adults

Support improving the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable older adults by strengthening laws and funding surrounding elder abuse, transportation for older adults, and senior nutrition.


Ohio Seniors Missing Out On $50 Million in Hunger Aid

Hunger is an urgent and growing problem among older adults in Ohio, with a 20 percent increase in the number of seniors turning to the emergency food network in 2016. Unfortunately, state and federal spending on senior-specific nutrition programs, like congregate and home-delivered meals, has not kept up with rising need. This paper presents proven strategies for Ohio to reduce senior hunger through maximizing senior participation in SNAP.



Fighting Food Insecurity Among Older Adults: Ohio’s Home-delivered and Congregate Meals

Ohio is among the ten worst states in the nation for food insecurity, with over 457,000 Ohioans over age 60 at risk for hunger, and senior visits to Ohio food pantries up 20 percent in just the past four years. One of the ways Ohio fights senior hunger head on is through meal programs, which are not only effective, but also affordable. In this report, learn about how home-delivered and congregate meal programs in Ohio are funded, what challenges they face, and how they are innovating to fight hunger among Ohio’s older adults.

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