CCS in the News

Community Solutions actively engages the media and helps keep them informed about health, social, and economic issues so that they, in turn can help inform and influence policy makers and the public. Our outreach to the community includes, but isn’t limited to, submissions of op-eds, letters to the editor, news releases, and ideas for news and feature stories. We also serve as a resource for media representatives seeking reliable data and sound, nonpartisan, data-driven analyses of critical community issues. Our staff are called upon as expert guests for news radio and television programs. And we seek meetings with editorial boards when we believe their voice can add persuasion and help shape community discussion of important topics.


Director of Communications and Digital Strategy Dani Carlson was mentioned in's "On the Move" (1/11/18)

MTV Award Winners Sam Huston 
and Linda Jenkins were featured on ideastream's "Economics of Sports; One Community Reads; Ohio's Poet Laureate" and "Most Treasured Volunteer: Linda Jenkins" (1/9/18)

Community Solutions report, Big City Problems in Ohio’s Small Towns authored by former Executive Director John Begala, and former staff member Gene Krebs were mention in WOSU’sOhio Considers "Equalization Fund" To Help Local Communities With Low Revenue” (1/4/18),’sOhio Fund Sought to Help Counties Pay Bills, Fight Opioids,”’sOhio Senate Candidate Calls for ‘Equalization Fund’ to help Rural Areas Fight Opioid Abuse, Boost Employment,” WKSU’sAdvocates Push for an Equalization Fund to Help Ohio's Rural Communities,” and The Courier and U.S. News’Fund Seeks to Help Counties Pay Bills, Fight Opioid Abuse” (1/3/18)


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