Common Ground
 highlights the work and issues addressed by Community Solutions. We hope you enjoy!

Current Issues

November 2017
This edition reviews the final state budget, provides an update on the Council On Older Persons, recaps the 2017 Celebration of Human Services, and more.

September 2017
This edition highlights the upcoming 2017 Celebration of Human Services, analyzes the 2016 U.S. Census bureau data, recaps recent media mentions, and more.

July 2017
This edition looks at the "State Budget Process: Through the Eyes of an Intern," recaps recent op-eds and events, and more.

May 2017
This edition analyzes community levies, announces the request for nominations for the $25,000 Anisfield-Wolf Memorial and Most Treasured Volunteer awards, and recaps board, staff and volunteer achievements, and more.

March 2017
This edition explores Community Solutions needs assessment process, highlights the release of the Ohio Congressional Districts profiles, announces the October 20th Celebration of Human Services, and more.

January 2017
This edition lays out the process and estimated schedule of activities of Ohio budget, introduces CCS new Board Chair Zulma Zabala, recaps recent media mentions, and more.


Past Issues