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High On Ohio is a series of brief interviews with Ohioans who are charting the course to the future.  It features a sampling of the many whose vision, creativity, business smarts, civic engagement, and leadership make Ohio such a diverse, vital, and great place to live. High On Ohio aims to inform and inspire through the words of  people who make Ohio home - by sharing good news and ideas, and identifying and acknowledging excellence that is all around us.

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Poverty CycleFirst, We Must Sell Our Helicopters
To break the cycle of poverty, the poor need to be able to be a part of the discussion in finding the solution. This edition of High On Ohio looks at how Ohio lawmakers, policy experts, and advocates are approaching the issue of poverty with the newly formed Ohio House Committee on Community and Family Advancement.

Views expressed in "High On Ohio" interviews are those of the guest and may not represent views of The Center for Community Solutions.


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