Cuyahoga County Department of Health and Human Services 
Strategic Planning Listen & Learn Sessions


Cuyahoga County aspires to be a vibrant and prosperous region where everyone thrives and all things are possible.

As we plan for the future of Health and Human Services, community feedback is very important.

Please join us to help answer the question: What does it mean to thrive?

  • Small groups will form to discuss what success looks like for thriving citizens. 

You will be asked to provide your input on the following key outcome areas:

  • Citizens are safe, supported and able to care for themselves.
  • Citizens are prepared to learn, educated, and college/career ready.
  • Citizens are employed and on a path to upward income mobility and career advancement.
  • Citizens are valued and experience quality DHHS interactions and services.

Listen and Learn Sessions: 


Please RSVP, with your full name, preferred email, and mobile phone number to Eboney Thornton, to confirm seating.