Policy Focus

Northeast Ohio is served by numerous organizations that help and support people. They require sound research on which to base decisions, clear analysis of public policies and legislation that may affect them and their constituents, and forums in which to discuss critical issues. That’s where Community Solutions comes in. For the next two years, our policy focus will include:

Strengthening the Health and Human Services Safety Net -- Support sustainable revenue and funding for safety-net health and human services that meet basic human needs, alleviate poverty, and reduce disparities.

Medicaid -- Support the development of sound, cost-effective Medicaid policies through research, analysis, and advocacy.

Safety, Health, and Economic Wellbeing of Older Adults -- Support improving the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable older adults by strengthening laws and funding surrounding elder abuse, transportation for older adults, and senior nutrition.

Improving Maternal and Infant Health -- Support initiatives to improve maternal and infant health that will reduce our community’s high rates of infant mortality.

Improving Access to Behavioral Health Services -- Support initiatives to expand access to behavioral health services, particularly substance abuse prevention and treatment.

Adolescent Reproductive Health Education -- Support access for adolescents and young adults to medically accurate, age, and culturally appropriate reproductive health education.

 Learn more about our Public Policy Priorities here.

Founded in 1913, we have a 100-year reputation for providing timely and reliable data, analysis, and recommendations regarding legislation and public policy. Policymakers, community leaders, nonprofit professionals and volunteers, and others recognize us as the source for information they can trust and use.

We appreciate the support of our donors and funders—both those interested in a specific aspect of our work and those who provide unrestricted dollars that we can use to respond to community issues and needs as they arise. To see how you can support our work in improving health, social, and economic conditions, please click here.

To learn more about our work, please feel welcome to contact us at info@CommunitySolutions.com.