The demographic and socioeconomic research, policy analysis, and recommendations produced by Community Solutions are most often shared by substantive reports, briefs, bulletins, and newsletters. While they were usually produced in print in the past, today, most are electronic publications. Many—new and old—are archived throughout this section of the website for easy reference, first by general topic and then by year and/or date. For information on our publications, please browse our editorial list below. 


Ohio Benefits Pilot Update (1/30/18)  An update on the integration of Ohio’s work support programs – Medicaid, Food Assistance (SNAP), and Cash Assistance (OWF) – into a single eligibility system. 

JMOC Hears from Department of Medicaid as BH Redesign enters Implementation;JMOC Actuary Shares “Big Picture” (1/30/18) — Recaps the January Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee (JMOC) meeting update on behavioral health redesign and testimony from JMOC’s actuary, Optumas.


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points out the costs of degenerative brain diseases to Ohio, underscoring the importance of a state task force’s efforts to identify ways to adapt to growing needs in Alzheimer’s and dementia care.