State Budget 2018-2019




In the spring of 2017 the Ohio General Assembly will make key decisions about funding health and social services programs in the state budget bill. The Center for Community Solutions has many resources that can help human service advocates understand the budget and the implications of changes made by legislators as it moves through the process.


2018-2019 House Budget: Ohio Departments of Health, Aging, Developmental Disabilities, Job and Family Services, & Mental Health and Addiction Services

The Ohio House passed its version of the state budget very early in May. This edition of State Budgeting Matters examines the differences between the Governor’s introduced budget and the version passed by the Ohio House in several health and human services agencies. 


2018-2019 House Budget: Ohio Department of Medicaid

The House has deliberated the Kasich administration’s budget proposal and has made a number of changes that affect Medicaid. These changes, some of which are documented in a previous blog post, trend in the direction of greater control over the Medicaid program by the General Assembly. This push for supervision included efforts to delay managed care models of delivery, the elimination of some efforts in value-based payment, and a reduction of departmental authority. Learn more in this edition of State Budgeting Matters.


2018-2019 State Budget Resources


State Budgeting Matters

Bi-monthly report that provides an in-depth look at policy decisions shaping major health and social service programs.

Human Service Overview

 Background on key health, social service, education, and corrections budget topics.



Public Policy Goals that Guide The Center for Community Solutions’ 2018-2019 State Operating Budget Work