March 27, 2017

1. In the Nation: What Your Therapist Doesn't Know
Big Data has transformed everything from sports to politics to education. It could transform mental health treatment, too-if only psychologists would stop ignoring it.

2. In the StateThe Future of Health Reform: How Proposed Federal Changes May Impact Ohio
Medicaid financing will continue to be debated in Congress, with broad consequences for Ohio patients, providers, and our state budget. The Center for Community Solutions will host Cindy Mann, a national healthcare expert with Manatt Health and former top administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, in Columbus on April 6 to discuss these proposals in depth. Register here.

3. In the Region: The Midwest is in Trouble
For all the talk of downtown revitalization in places like Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore, the numbers don't lie. The U.S. Census bureau released population estimates covering counties and metro areas today, and the picture is grim for the post-industrial Midwest and Northeast.

4. At Community Solutions: Ohio Congressional District Profiles
Last week, Community Solutions released detailed profiles of all Ohio Congressional districts. As congressional representatives consider important legislation that impacts Ohioans, these profiles shed light on the number of people who could be impacted by policy changes. The profiles include basic demographic information about each district, as well as data on employment and income, poverty, education, housing, and health. Click here to view and download the profiles.

5. This Week's Featured Infographic: Geography of Poverty
Fifteen percent of Ohioans, or 1.7 million people, live in poverty around the state, according to the 2016 "State of Poverty" report from the Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies. As this map reveals, poverty is a problem in many urban, suburban, and rural communities around the state. While poverty is concentrated in cities, high unemployment rates, along with large numbers of people in poverty, are also plaguing rural communities. View the report here.

03272017 Infographics

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