April 25, 2016

1. In the Nation: Suicide Rate Spikes to 30 Year High
The National Center for Health Statistics released a report that found that suicide rates are at the highest in 30 years, with every single age group seeing an increase, with the exception of older adults. Suicide among middle-aged women 45-64 jumped 63 percent over the study period, suicide for middle-aged men increased by 43 percent, and suicide for teenage girls 10 to 14 tripled. Only one racial group saw a decrease, black men.

2. In the State: Proposed Medicaid Waiver could cost Ohio Hospitals $2.5 Billion
According to a recently released estimate by a healthcare organization consulting firm, the proposed "Healthy Ohio" Medicaid waiver is estimated to cost Ohio hospitals $2.5 billion over 5 years. Under the current Medicaid rules, those signing up for Medicaid are deemed eligible for coverage as soon as the application is submitted and providers can begin billing for services provided in the preceding 3 months. That provision is proposed to be eliminated, with Medicaid benefits instead beginning when the application is approved and the first payment made into the Health Savings Account.

3. In the Region: 2-1-1 Help Center Launches New Online Service
The United Way 2-1-1 Help Center operating out of United Way of Greater Cleveland serves 21 counties and covers 3 million people in Ohio. Those residents can now connect with a trained and compassionate professional online via a new live chat feature. Visit www.211oh.org to access chat and check out their new website, which also features real-time trend data on requested services and the demographics of those contacting 2-1-1.

4. At Community Solutions: Community Solutions Submits Comments on Proposed "Healthy Ohio" Medicaid Waiver
The Center for Community Solutions submitted comments to the Ohio Department of Medicaid on the 1115 Demonstration Waiver known as "Healthy Ohio." This document seeks to outline some of the concerns and questions CCS has in regards to what is a complex and potentially costly proposal.

5. This Week's CCS Infographic: National Reentry Week
The Justice Department has designated this week as National Reentry Week to raise awareness about the work that must be done to support people who have been incarcerated as they reenter society. This week's graphic comes from the short video, "Mass Incarceration, Visualized," which shows how mass incarceration in the U.S. has disproportionately impacted the African American community.

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