March 2, 2015

1. In the Nation: Affordable Care Act Heads to Supreme Court
Oral arguments begin this week on a U. S. Supreme Court case that has broad implications for Americans who buy individual health insurance policies, and possibly for the insurance and hospital industries. Subsidies to help pay the premiums for health insurance purchased on the federal exchange, a provision of the Affordable Care Act, are at issue. For additional information on the potential impact on states, go to

2. In the State: State Legislature Debates Major Tax Reforms
The Ohio Legislature is currently debating major tax reforms: both a rise in sales tax and an expansion of services subjected to sales tax, as well as a decrease in personal income tax. As the debate heats up, the governor, legislators and policy experts are explaining their positions and what this could mean for Ohioans.

3. In the Region: Group Recommends 9 Policies Cuyahoga County Executive Should Consider
A volunteer group, created last November by Armond Budish to advise his transition into office, has released a 44-page report that lays out broad themes the Budish administration should follow. The group, which was chaired by U. S. Representative Marcia Fudge, and included other politicians, business and civic leaders, including The Center for Community Solutions, recommends engaging the community for input, as well as prioritizing which issues to tackle and take a leadership role on issues that affect county government and the region.

4. At Community Solutions: AFC’s 2015 Community Briefing and Brown Bag Lunch
Join the AIDS Funding Collaborative (AFC) Tuesday, March 24, from Noon-1:30pm, at The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland for a Community Briefing and Brown Bag Lunch, featuring a panel of public health leaders, consumers, and professionals sharing highlights, lessons learned, and ideas for how we can use emerging practices and strategies to guide our work here in Cleveland. To register, contact Lindsay Marcus, AFC Program Coordinator, at

5. This Week's CCS Infographic: Sex, Contraception, or Abortion?
A poor woman is about five times as likely as an affluent woman to have an unintended birth. But why? In a newly-released study, Brookings researchers Joanna Venator and Richard Reeves explain that it all comes down to disparities in contraception and abortion access by income level. Walk through their findings with the data interactive and then explore the projected impact of equalizing contraceptive use and abortion rates across income groups.

Sex, Contraception, or Abortion



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