CCS Monthly Seminar Series

Hosted by the Education Committee

Next up: December 20th, 2023 at 12 PM (EST)

Tobias Janowitz, MD, PhD
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Northwell Health Cancer Institute, USA

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Recordings are available on this public page for about one month.

October 18, 2023

4th Trainee Talks

  • Deena Snoke, PhD
    Vermont Lung Center Laboratory of Dr. Michael J. Toth, University of Vermont College of Medicine 
    Twitter: @snoke_phd
    Adipose wasting is an early event in a novel model of lung cancer cachexia
  • Luca Delfinis
    York University, School of Kinesiology & Health Science 
    Twitter: @DelfinisLuca
    Muscle weakness precedes atrophy in a mouse model of cancer cachexia and is linked to muscle-specific mitochondrial stress
  • Andrea Irazoki, PhD
    Department of Biomedical Sciences (BMI), University of Copenhagen, Denmark 
    Twitter: @A_Irazoki
    Effects of housing temperature in cancer cachexia

Only the first 2 speakers provided permission to post their recording.


October 18, 2023

Prof. Katrien De Bock, PhD
ETH Zurich (Department of Health Sciences and Technology), Switzerland

Endothelial metabolism in muscle