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Nutrition Throughout the Pancreatic Cancer Journey – from PanCAN

What to Know About Common Nutritional Challenges for Patients with Pancreatic Cancer – from PanCAN


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What Is Cancer Cachexia and How Is It Managed? – an annotated podcast with  Charles Loprinzi, MD, FASCO, and Hester Hill Schnipper, LICSW

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How to Cope with Appetite Loss in a Loved One With Advanced Cancer: Advice for Caregivers

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August 27, 2021

Conversations with Patients and Caregivers
Recorded for the 6th Cancer Cachexia Conference – August 27-29, 2021

R. Thomas Jagoe, MD – McGill University, Canada
Martin Kochanczyk, PhD – Pattern Bioscience, USA

Richard Dunne, MD, University of Rochester, USA – Medical oncologist assessing physical activity
Monica P. Parmar, RN, PhD(c), McGill University, Canada – Nurse in cancer nutrition rehabilitation
Eric Roeland, MD, Oregon Health & Science University, USA – Medical oncologist treating symptoms of cancer therapies
Christina Van Der Borch, P.Dt, McGill University, Canada – Dietitian in cancer nutrition rehabilitation

The questions for this session were generated directly from patients. To make it easier to navigate through the video, below are timestamps for each question asked.

03:54 - Panelist introductions
08:25 - Question 1: Are there any recommended ways for cachexia patients to put on weight?
12:51 - Question 2: Is it okay to eat unhealthy foods in the attempt to eat more in general?
17:30 - Question 3: How can strength and activity be maintained during cachexia?
25:45 - Question 4: How do caretakers balance helping patients eat without causing anxiety around eating?
34:00 - Question 5: Are there strategies for talking about intimacy between partners when one is experiencing cachexia?
39:50 - Question 6: Is it true that to treat cachexia and weightloss in general, the cancer has to be cured?
50:45 - Question 7: Are there ways to measure cachexia interventions for pediatric cancer patients?
57:15 - Question 8: How can the effects of treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery) be distinguished from the effects of cachexia?



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